The Alphabet

A project for the city of Fitchburg, MA, revolving around the daily newspaper, a collaborative alphabet, an embedded visiting artist, a special group of reporters, and 26 typographers from around the world.
The Fitchburg Art Museum commissioned artist Anna Schuleit Haber to create a new work for the city of Fitchburg, MA, for which she took over the front page of the city’s daily newspaper for 26 days.
The piece was a limited-edition, daily experiment that explored visual language systems, the transport of text, and the shaping and meaning of news, both local and non-local.
The project spanned twenty-six days and highlighted the daily newspaper with a series of front pages of art, poetry, and news-stories that appeared, one after the other, on twenty-six days: not inside the paper but on its front page, using the entire, actual front page and putting the regular front page immediately behind it.
Using the natural parameters of the twenty-six letters of the alphabet, Anna created this series of front pages, from A through Z, with each front page having a large typographic design of a letter specially created by a guest typographer defining the page, around which daily news and found urban stories were arranged.
For the duration of The Alphabet, Anna Schuleit Haber served as embedded artist at the Sentinel & Enterprise, together with her interns taking the roles of reporters and designers during the paper’s most unusual run of front pages in its 177-year old history. Daily print runs of the Sentinel & Enterprise are at 14,000 on weekdays and higher on weekends. Printing of the 26 alphabet front pages fell under the auspices of the daily newspaper.
This project was supported by an NEA grant and was commissioned by the Fitchburg Art Museum. Project Timeline: July 13 – August 11, 2015